Saturn G807 Gamepad

Default Xinput,with Dinput(Digital/Analog)
Button Switch between Xinput and Dinput
L1 R2 Trigger Function
High Precision 3D Gamepad,RSF Brand(same brand as Sony’s)
Buttons with UV painting
Select/Start/Turbo Button
1.8M cable

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Experience the console-style gaming on your PC. With a familiar console-like layout, easy-to-customize controls and extensive support for your favorite hits and classics, the Redragon G807 Saturn Gamepad might the only PC gamepad you’ll ever need.
The controller installs and operates instantly out of the box with most modern PC titles. If you’re looking to game with older PC titles that existed before current input standards, such as DirectInput, you can switch the joystick into the previous standard for use with older and PC-exclusive titles.